A Season for Everything


Sunday [December 02]
Pastor Kirk Gilchrist
Welcome to The City
Sunday [December 09]
Pastor Kirk Gilchrist
Sunday [December 16]
Christmas Giveaway Sunday
Sunday [December 16]
Christmas Special – 6:00PM
Monday [December 24]
Candlelight Service – 6:00PM
Wednesday [December 26]
No Activities
Sunday [December 30]
Pastor Paul Rohling
Marlette, MI

No matter what season of life we’re in, God is right here for us.

One of the things that made Jesus so appealing to people when he came to Earth two-thousand years ago was the fact that he could relate to them. He became one of them, setting aside his “God-ness” and relegating himself to “humanness.”

But that’s still what makes him so appealing to us this Thanksgiving and Christmas Season: he’s equally willing to get involved with our lives, no matter how clean or how dirty they might be.

And our response? That we live the same way he did, ready to give away anything the Father asks of us to those in seasons of need.

So whether you’re celebrating or mourning, planning or recovering, investing or paying off debts, this is your season to meet with Jesus and to give your life away to others. It’s a Season for Everything.

Ecclesiastes 3:1

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