Christmas Shopping in Watertown That Doesn’t Cost a Penny


Christmas Shopping in Watertown That Doesn’t Cost a Penny

Church holds event with free Christmas items

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE / December 5, 2014
Victoria Peryer
Marketing Director
Phone: (315)788-0825

WATERTOWN, NY – This weekend, a Watertown church is hosting a Christmas shopping marketplace unlike what most people are used to because it will be missing one thing- a cash register. New Life Christian Church, 255 Gaffney Dr. has turned their lobby into a marketplace void of price tags, where all items are up for grabs, for free.

“We wanted to do something nice for the community this Christmas, and what better way than giving away free items people can use for Christmas gifts?” Says Senior Pastor Kirk Gilchrist.

The event will be held on Saturday December 13 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM in the New Life Christian Church lobby. Free items include children’s books and toys, home decor items, and even electronics. All items have been donated by members of New Life Christian Church.

“We asked our members to bring items of value. The key is something that hurts or is difficult to give away. So you can expect that there won’t be any junk. It’s all going to be stuff that we ourselves would be thrilled to receive on Christmas,” said Associate Pastor Christopher Hopper.

This Christmas Marketplace is part of a two-day giving extravaganza. Following the morning marketplace, New Life is distributing Christmas gifts to children in need from around the county. They’ve partnered with Urban Mission and the The Children’s Home of Watertown to obtain names and wish lists for specific children, then solicited the help of its congregation to purchase the gifts. Additionally, CiCi’s Pizza and Cold Stone Creamery of Watertown have joined the festivities, distributing fifty meal boxes containing turkeys, hams, and all the sides for a traditional Christmas dinner.

“We love the idea of giving back to this community and thought that food boxes would be something lots of people could use, especially this time of year,” says CiCi’s General Manager Joel Berthet.

“Not everyone can afford to do the things they want to for their families, and this is our small way of saying ‘We want to help,’” adds Casey Seawright, General Manager at Cold Stone.

As part of the final day of giving, New Life is providing its congregants with 4 gifts to be given away after each of their five services (Main Campus 8:30, 9:45, 11:15, 12:30 PM, North Campus 10:00 AM). Then, Sunday Evening, the Main Campus will host a Christmas Concert to celebrate the advent of Christ. Music will be performed by gifted artists and accompanied by live music. Admission to the concert is free and is open to the public. Doors open at 5:45 PM.

ABOUT NEW LIFE CHRISTIAN CHURCH: New Life Christian Church has two campuses in Jefferson county. Their main campus is located at 255 Gaffney Drive in Watertown and their North Campus is located at 32487 Rt. 12 in Depauville. New Life Main Campus offers four services each Sunday. New Life is a Bible believing, Jesus centered, Spirit filled church. New Life’s Vision is simple: Love God and Love people. For more information visit or download their app in the Apple App Store or Google Play store, or just search: newlifenny

New Book: Out In Front

Out In Front Header

New Life Books is proud to present the latest offering from Senior Pastor Kirk Gilchrist:

Out In Front

A Challenging Look At Successfully Leading The Local Church

There are few more demanding jobs in the world than leading a local Christian church. From the spiritual pressures of preaching doctrinally sound messages and casting clear vision for a well-discipled congregation, to the social strains of battling conflicting opinions and trying to appease influential minorities, few people carry more weight than pastors.

In his new book, Out In Front, Pastor Kirk Gilchrist takes a no-nonsense look at what the Bible defines as successful guidance of the local church, and goes to new lengths to encourage church leaders in their pursuit of God-honoring leadership practices. 

Out In Front offers time-tested advice on establishing a healthy atmosphere in the office and cultivating a strict open-air policy that breeds trust and security among staff and volunteers alike. But more than managerial wisdom, the book is unapologetic about confronting frequent statements heard within church circles that, while sounding spiritual, actually run incongruently with Biblical mandates, and ultimately inhibit growth within the church. 

Be empowered to lead boldly while living kindly. Cast a true kingdom vision that outlasts your lifetime. And dare to confront the religious snares of the enemy that have robbed many churches from being influential. 

Learn to lead Out In Front.



Cherished Conference 2014: My Story

Cherished Conference PAGE HEADER

Join us this October 24th and 25th for our annual Cherished Woman’s Conference, and listen to the Father’s voice declare your story. Be inspired to walk boldly in every chapter of your life, unafraid to turn the next page and embrace all that God has for you as his daughter.

Special guest speakers include Susan Thomas (Dallas, TX) and Kim Trobee (Colorado Springs, CO), who’s powerful testimonies and encouraging words will inspire you to let God craft and mold the story he wants for you life.

October 24th-25th
Friday 7:00-9:00 PM and Saturday 9:00-5:00 PM

$15 for Friday only / $25 for both days

Lunch buffet included for additional $3.99; paid on-site
Ages 13 and up; adult topics covered.

New Life Christian Church
255 Gaffney Dr.
Watertown, NY 13601
(315) 788-0825

Legacy Series

Legacy Main Header v5

What does it mean to leave a legacy? Better still, how do we go about living a life that will impact generations after us? These are the questions that we as clear-minded Christians should be asking and answering as we look toward the future.

Join us this month as we study what it takes to leave a lasting mark on culture, whether that of your own household or of a nation, and learn what God is asking of us corporately as desire to see him move in our day.


Legacy Conference

Legacy Conference HEADER v2


“Generation to generation they will tell your works and they will show your heroism!”
Psalm 145:4 (ABPE)

This fall, Christians will gather as young and old alike to collectively seek God’s heart for the future. In such a crucial season of world history, it’s imperative that we assemble ourselves as the Body of Christ to learn and receive from fathers and mothers of the faith who’ve walked consistently with God for decades. Legacy is that chance.



• Three days of teaching and preaching of Pastor Tommy Reid,
Dr. Sylvia Evans, Michael Tyrrell, Pastor Kirk Gilchrist and
Pastor Peter Hopper.

• Worship with New Zealand worship band The Ember Days.


We believe God’s favor increases on our lives when we take up issues which delight his heart. From worshipping together across generational lines to preparing a corporate inheritance for the generation we’ll never meet, we’re called to be about our Father’s business and build the Body of Christ.


Early Bird Registration: $20.00 (before September 15th)
Pre Registration: $25.00 (before September 25th)
Registration: $30.00 (event doors)


Friday, September 26
// Main Session: 7:00 PM
Pastor Tommy Reid / The Ember Days

Saturday, September 27
// Main Session: 10:00 AM
Pastor Tommy Reid / The Ember Days
// Breakout Sessions: 2:00 PM
Dr. Sylvia Evans / Michael Tyrrell / Pastor Peter Hopper
// Main Session: 7:00 PM
Pastor Kirk Gilchrist / The Ember Days

Sunday, September 28
// Main Campus Services: 8:30, 9:45, 11:15, 12:30 PM
Michael Tyrrell / The Ember Days
// North Campus Service: 10:00 AM
Dr. Sylvia Evans / New Life Worship

KidsFest 2014: The Great Adventure

KidsFest header 2014 22

The Great Adventure is a wondrous tale of a Hobbit whose life is constantly challenged by both good and bad decisions. Each day, Daisy Baggins is enticed by outside influences to make bad choices. However, along the journey Daisy encounters wise guides and the words of Scripture that help her choose the correct path.

Your children are invited to experience this marvelous adventure along with Daisy, and see how her life is transformed by the power of God-influenced choices. The Great Adventure features live music, theatre, video and games for children ages 4-12 years old, and runs the week of July 28th to August 1st, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at New Life Main Campus. There is no cost, and you can register your kids by calling our main office at (315) 788-0825.

Let the adventure begin!

Press Release: Narnia Comes To Watertown

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Douglas Gresham, best known as the executive producer of the blockbuster Narnia films, is in Watertown for the next week overseeing the production of his newest venture, this time in the record business.

Stepson of the late Christian writer and thinker C.S. Lewis, Gresham has partnered with New Life Christian Church’s new record lable and recording studio, Sprig Music, to produce a full-length album for singer/songwriter Meg Sutherland. Sutherland was signed to Sprig Music earlier this spring, making her the newest member of the record company’s roster, and the first to track in the recently completed flagship studio.

“Watertown was the right fit for us,” says Gresham by interview from his home on the island of Malta. “We couldn’t have asked for a better place or better people to work with. New Life and everyone at Sprig are exceptional.”

Sutherland’s debut album includes twelve original songs in the style of what many are calling “cinematic indie.” Hailing from Clovis, NM, Sutherland is a piano performance major at West Texas A&M, and first caught Gresham’s attention at age 14 when her father sent Gresham a home recording entitled Real, written for the book and resulting movie Voyage Of The Dawn Treader.

“While we weren’t able to use the song at the time, I knew this girl had something special and needed to be heard,” says Gresham. That’s when he turned to producer Christopher Hopper.

“The first time Doug played me Meg’s demos,” says Hopper, “I was struck by how the innocence of her voice conflicted with lyrics written by a much older soul. I knew I wanted in.”

And Sutherland’s music certainly delivers. From expressing the deep-delving human emotions surrounding dysfunctional home life on How To Love, to the triumphant anthems of discovering the beauty all around us on the light hearted track Show You, Sutherland’s body of work is more movie than it is pop. Which is most likely why it first caught the ear of the Narnia movies’ executive producer to begin with.

“This is a very grand adventure for me,” says Sutherland. “My hope is that the people that need to hear this music will get to hear it. I’m extremely blessed to be here.”

While the sessions are attracting professional studio musicians from Rochester, NY and even Minneapolis, MN, the north country is seeing some of its own talent step into the limelight too. Singer Anna Fahey of Depauville will be providing many of the background vocals to compliment Sutherland’s voice, and trumpet player Costa Deir of Watertown will add brass. Electric bassist Jake Desormo, also of Watertown, was hired because of his “phenomenal natural abilities” says Hopper. “He’s a natural-born musician. It’s in his blood.”

Sprig Studios is the product of veteran studio designer, engineer and producer Peter Hopper, Christopher’s father, and stands as his sixth studio design. While the studio hasn’t had its official grand opening yet, Hopper senior notes this project is the perfect way to kick things off. “It’s a privilege for us to steward Meg’s music and these performances,” says Hopper. “We’re just so honored to be doing what we love with such exceptional people.”

Sutherland’s album is slated to be released this fall under Sprig Music.

Tracking in Sprig Studios begins Thursday, June 5th and runs through Friday, June 13th. Press interviews and on-location shooting by appointment. Please contact Rebekah Berthet at (315) 788-0825.

World Changers (Series)


This summer, prepare to engage with changing the world around you like never before. The stories will be unforgettable. The opportunities will be unprecedented. And the impact will be unrivaled.

In the midst of changing the lives of others, you’ll find your own life may be the one changed the most.

TRIUMPH (Spring Series)

TRIUMPH main header

We’re all looking for hope. A place to belong, a way to heal, a person to love us—a way to escape the depression and fear that inhabit death.

We believe there is only one way to lasting joy, and that’s through having a relationship with the person of Jesus Christ. He alone has provided us a way to escape the fear of death, having conquered the grave with his resurrection. And he alone has empowered those who call upon him a way to live victorious in life by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

This spring, learn what it means to triumph over the enemies of your soul, and release life into areas of darkness around you. Bring light. Bring hope. Bring Jesus.

Redline 2014

redline 2014 youth conference

Redline 2014: Teen and College Conference

Join us for New Life’s annual teen and college conference April 25-27. We are excited to welcome Matthew Barnett this year as our keynote speaker. His passion to serve Christ in a radical way will inspire teens and adults to change their schools, neighborhoods, and even cities for Christ. Brothers McClurg will return for another year of leading worship alongside our very own, Christopher & Jennifer Hopper. Other speakers include Nate Cronk (The Father’s House, Rochester, NY), Sarah Matteson (Faith Fellowship, Watertown, NY) and Pastor Joseph Gilchrist (New Life).

Find out more and register today.