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Campus Impressions is the Non-Religious Education Department of New Life Christian Church, and seeks to freely serve private and public school efforts in teaching essential life-values to students.

Our team has been speaking and performing for elementary, middle, high school and college audiences for over nineteen years. Our high energy communication style incorporates live music, dance, drama and video, capturing students’ hearts in Asia, Latin America, Europe and around the United States. But the the schools that we love to serve the most are right here in Jefferson County, New York—our home.

Every presentation we put on is custom tailored to your individual school, designed from in-person consultations we conduct with your staff. Whether speaking for small groups over the course of a whole day, or presenting once for a large general assemblies, our design team takes into account the particular aspects that school administrators and counselors feel need emphasizing.

“We say the same things that teachers and parents have been saying, just in a different way. Same message, different tools.”
– Christopher Hopper, Campus Impressions Speaker

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Overarching topics for your school can include some of our more popular presentations: Ouch!: Bullying Prevention and Peer Empowerment, Daring to Dream: The Power of Pursuing Your Dream, and Sex Secrets: The Inside Story of the Statistics, Emotions and Outcomes of Sexual Activity.

Let us know how we can address the unique needs of your school, and reinforce the values of your current State and local programs. We’d love to talk with you! Call us at: (315) 788-0825 to start things moving.

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*Statistics based on student social media reviews, and on school administration and teacher poling in Jefferson County New York 2006-2015